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Is A Cold Plunge Good For Arthritis?

The use of cold therapy as a home remedy for arthritis has grown in popularity in recent years. The science, advice, and choices for cryotherapy for arthritis are discussed below.

If you experience stiffness and pain on a regular basis, at-home cryotherapy for arthritis is a calming, supported by science method of finding relief.

Does a Cold Plunge Help Arthritis?

A safe, well-tolerated, and efficient way to treat arthritis pain and swelling, especially in the joints, is to take a cold plunge. When ice is applied to a sore, painful, or stiff joint, blood flow is reduced, and there may be a numbing effect that lessens arthritis pain.

Cold Therapy Types

There are several different types of cold therapy. These consist of:

An ice pack. You can reach into the back of your freezer and use a bag of frozen peas as an ice pack to treat less severe pain. Additionally, your neighborhood pharmacy may sell more specialized ice packs that are stuffed with a cooling gel for longer-lasting cold relief.

An ice massage. Use an ice cube to massage the swollen or painful area if you require more intense relief. For larger joints like your shoulder or those with more widespread arthritis pain, try freezing water in a paper cup.

An ice bath. A maximum of 15 minutes spent in an ice and water bath can reduce pain and swelling throughout the entire body.

A cold mist shower. Even if your showerhead doesn't have a misting function, taking a low-pressure, cold shower at home may provide safe and efficient cryotherapy for arthritis pain relief.

A prescribed cold therapy machine. Your doctor may advise using a cold therapy machine that pumps chilly water to a "cryo cuff" that you wrap around a painful area if you experience persistent or severe inflammation due to arthritis.

Some cold therapy for arthritis techniques may be more practical than others at different times. For example, you might experience more relief from an ice bath than from a locally applied ice pack. But be aware that if you're out and about or don't have time to run a bath, you might still experience pain.

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