Best Wellness Centers in Idaho

The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center

610 W Hubbard Ave Ste 116. We are located next door to BankCDA. To find us use, 912, Northwest Blvd, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814,


Since 2018, The Zone Superhuman Wellness Center has gathered all the latest biohacking technology to make your health, fitness and recovery aspirations a reality. If you want to increase strength, improve your health at the cellular level, dramatically reverse aging, enhance your athletic performance or simply recover from training or injury faster than ever before, we have what you need to achieve your goals. Whether you are new to your wellness journey or just need that final push to reach your full potential, The Zone has a program to make your health, fitness, recovery and anti-aging Superhuman Goals a reality.

Alpine Wellness Clinic

5655 N. GLENWOOD #105, GARDEN CITY, ID 83714


Kelsee Bobrowski, MS, NBC-HWC is joining Alpine Wellness Clinic as our Health and Wellness Coach and the Peptide Management/Weight Loss Program Specialist.

Kelsee obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Edward’s University and Master of Science Degree in Psychology from Capella University focusing on motivation and behavioral modification. Kelsee has her certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning coaching, and sports nutrition. In March 2023, Kelsee passed her board exam for National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC).

Kelsee is a very important member of AWC bringing to our clients health and wellness coaching, education, and support to help them achieve optimal health.

Marimn Health Wellness Center

1100 A St, Plummer, ID 83851,


Marimn Health provides primary care, holistic healing, preventive care, and wellness promotion to all members of the community as intended by the Creator. Whether you’re looking for a new doctor or simply trying to improve your health with more integrated and holistic care, Marimn Health has the award–winning services you need and caring professional staff to enhance every part of your personal wellness.

Living Waters Wellness Center

855 So. Curtis Road, Boise ID 83705


It all started with our own sickness.

Like most people we were not having any success with traditional medicine.

We tried Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Energy healing, Massage therapy, Iridology, Juicing, buckets of supplements, herbs and though these are all excellent modalities in their own right we were missing the most crucial piece of the foundation of the healing puzzle to allow all of these to work better. Colon Hydrotherapy.

Then one day I tried colonics. Game changer!

Star Family Health and Wellness

9858 W State St, Star, ID 83669


Our mission is to provide comprehensive, excellent care for families in the treasure valley. We believe in educating and working with patients to achieve overall wellness. We enjoy working with traditional and integrative approaches so everyone can feel healthy and energized. We strive to truly listen to everyone’s concerns and goals.

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What is cold therapy?

Cold therapy is a form of cold stress that will activate the body’s internal healing mechanisms. There are many forms of cold therapy tubs and chambers that will give you all of the benefits of cold therapy. These methods may include using a chiller combined with cold plunge, or adding ice to a cold tub or ice barrel. Most commonly cold therapy is used for athletic recovery or mental clarity.

What are the benifits of a cold plunge?

Some of the benefits of using a cold plunge may include pain relief, recovery, mental focus, body health, lowering inflammation in the body, and better sleep.

What is the difference between and Ice Bath and a Cold Plunge?

The difference between an ice bath and a cold plunge is that you typically don’t have to add ice to a cold plunge with a chiller unit. With an ice bath you will simply add the ice, and drain the tub when finished. With a cold plunge the chiller will circulate and filter the water so there will be less frequent draining and filling the tub.

What is the optimum temperature for an ice bath?

The optimum temperature really depends on the individual and the goals they may have. The standard temperature is 50-59 degrees F for at least 5-10 minutes. Although, high performance athletes may use colder temperatures between 42-50 degrees F with a duration of 3-6 minutes.

Are ice baths healthy?

Yes, as a general statement ice baths are healthy for you if they are used correctly. Before using any of our ice baths or cold plunges please read the manufacturer's suggestions on temperatures and time in the water. If you have more specific questions on the health benefits don’t hesitate to fill out the contact us form below.

Is an ice bath better than a cold shower?

Although there is value to taking a cold shower every now and then. Ice baths and cold plunges will have an immediate effect on your entire body. The only way to truly reach consistent application of the cold is to fully submerge the body for a set duration of time.

How long should you soak in an ice bath or cold plunge?

The standard temperature is 50-59 degrees F for at least 5-10 minutes. Although, high performance athletes may use colder temperatures between 42-50 degrees F with a duration of 3-6 minutes. 

How do you take an ice bath?

For beginners the best way is to submerge your body into the water while keeping your hands and head above the water. Focus on your breathing and remain calm as the first few minutes are always the hardest. Typically the bath would last about 5-10 minutes. 

More experienced methods may include a quick head dunk into the water and keeping hands in the water for full recovery benefits. We also recommend using a colder temperature for a shorter amount of time.

Questions? Our team is here for you!