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Strength and Vitality Wellness Center

106 Old Court Rd. Suite 200 Pikesville, MD 21208

(410) 296-4028

Hi, I’m Cara-Michele, licensed acupuncturist, nutrition counselor, personal trainer & the owner of Strength & Vitality Wellness Center.

Simplifying health and wellness is my motto and daily intention.

My goal is to help you regain your mental and physical strength and vitality for the people and passions in your life that matter most. I understand how hard it is to be creative, flexible, thoughtful, understanding, or playful when you are experiencing pain, sleepless nights, or anxiety and depression on a regular basis. My job is ot help you feel mentally and physically stronger as quickly as possible without the use of surgery or medication and then give you the tools, practices, and resources for long lasting optimal wellness.

I am forever amazed at how regenerative and renewing the body can be if given the right tools. We should never settle for limited states of health without trying proven unconditional therapies, such as whole food nutrition, acupuncture, movement, and infrared sauna. Many times what we accept as “just the way my body is,” is simply an imbalance that has existed for many years and is now being seen or felt. I can help you get rid of these imbalances and feel your best again so that you can focus more on the things you love and enjoy.


Be The Change Health & Wellness Center

8808 Centre Park Drive, Suite 301, Columbia, MD 21044


Our goal is to bring health and wellness to families as a whole. We believe healthy changes are lasting when families and communities work together to make lifestyle changes with the guidance of their healthcare practitioners. Our goal is to find the root cause(s) of illness and to implement health-promoting lifestyles to prevent chronic illness and to recover from chronic illness.

What makes us different is that we practice personalized medicine. Our treatments are tailored according to the patients’ individual physical, mental and emotional needs. We consider what makes a person unique through in-depth history intakes and thorough testing. We perform specialty tests of the immune system, nervous system, digestive system and nutrigenetic analysis, etc.

Maryland Health and Wellness

6565 Baltimore National Pike Catonsville, Maryland 21228


The Maryland Health and Wellness Center began in nursing homes for groups of seniors to community settings, and one-on- one therapeutic sessions with Alzheimer’s patients and war veterans suffering from severe symptoms of PTSD. We have since grown to encompass a wider range of those involved, from young veterans to the disabled.

Our goal is to empower seniors, veterans, and adults with special needs within the Baltimore Metropolitan area by providing alternative therapies, that engage and assist these individuals to achieve greater independence by overcoming physical and emotional limitations. Our programs empower individuals to lead productive lives, establish healthy coping skills, encourage positive behavioral habits, and increase independence fulfilling their potential. This is accomplished by applying the practice of focusing our attention on our thoughts, feelings and environment in the present moment with movement and meditation together.

All Things Natural Wellness Center

9811 Greenbelt Road, Suite 207 Lanham, MD


Dr. Veda Johnson is a graduate of the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona. A native Baltimorean, she obtained her B.A. in Liberal Arts with the primary concentration in Biology and minor concentration in Religious Studies from Notre Dame of Maryland University. She served as an adjunct professor in genetics at Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Dr. Johnson has served in the medical health field for over 40 years, in various allied health professions and environments such as: hospitals, prison systems, private clinics, and private homes. She provided care for a variety of age groups within specialties including: gerontology, pediatrics, OB/GYN, rheumatology, internal medicine, minor surgery, gastroenterology, and HIV medicine. She also has advanced training in Intravenous Nutritional Therapy. Experiencing medicine from so many different perspectives has allowed her to better understand the needs and concerns of her patients. She is able to combine this valuable knowledge with her training as a Naturopathic Doctor in order to provide effective patient care.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Johnson wants to empower and inspire her patients to set and obtain positive health goals; to motivate them to be actively involved in a holistic (mind, body and spirit) approach to health; and, to provide healthcare tailored to their unique individual needs. Dr. Johnson is a fun-loving person and is the mother of four wonderful children and eight beautiful grandchildren. In addition to medicine, she enjoys a holistic lifestyle which is inclusive of: her spiritual family, cooking, music, reading and traveling.


Nourishing Journey, LLC

8975 Guilford Road, Suite 170, Columbia, MD 21046


We all have our own individual challenges when it comes to our health and well-being. Whether you are an avid natural health adventurer, or just starting to see the potential benefits, there will always be a path in front of you. How you travel down that path is a decision, a choice.

No matter where you are in your journey, the choice to live a vibrant life is only and always one step away. Each day brings a new beginning and an opportunity for growth and healing.

Our mission is to help you feel better when you walk out of Nourishing Journey than you did when you walked in. We are here to help you make short term and long term changes to help you make the most of your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We utilize amazing services to help you such as massage, reiki, reflexology, detox services, counseling, acupuncture and so much more.

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What is cold therapy?

Cold therapy is a form of cold stress that will activate the body’s internal healing mechanisms. There are many forms of cold therapy tubs and chambers that will give you all of the benefits of cold therapy. These methods may include using a chiller combined with cold plunge, or adding ice to a cold tub or ice barrel. Most commonly cold therapy is used for athletic recovery or mental clarity.

What are the benifits of a cold plunge?

Some of the benefits of using a cold plunge may include pain relief, recovery, mental focus, body health, lowering inflammation in the body, and better sleep.

What is the difference between and Ice Bath and a Cold Plunge?

The difference between an ice bath and a cold plunge is that you typically don’t have to add ice to a cold plunge with a chiller unit. With an ice bath you will simply add the ice, and drain the tub when finished. With a cold plunge the chiller will circulate and filter the water so there will be less frequent draining and filling the tub.

What is the optimum temperature for an ice bath?

The optimum temperature really depends on the individual and the goals they may have. The standard temperature is 50-59 degrees F for at least 5-10 minutes. Although, high performance athletes may use colder temperatures between 42-50 degrees F with a duration of 3-6 minutes.

Are ice baths healthy?

Yes, as a general statement ice baths are healthy for you if they are used correctly. Before using any of our ice baths or cold plunges please read the manufacturer's suggestions on temperatures and time in the water. If you have more specific questions on the health benefits don’t hesitate to fill out the contact us form below.

Is an ice bath better than a cold shower?

Although there is value to taking a cold shower every now and then. Ice baths and cold plunges will have an immediate effect on your entire body. The only way to truly reach consistent application of the cold is to fully submerge the body for a set duration of time.

How long should you soak in an ice bath or cold plunge?

The standard temperature is 50-59 degrees F for at least 5-10 minutes. Although, high performance athletes may use colder temperatures between 42-50 degrees F with a duration of 3-6 minutes. 

How do you take an ice bath?

For beginners the best way is to submerge your body into the water while keeping your hands and head above the water. Focus on your breathing and remain calm as the first few minutes are always the hardest. Typically the bath would last about 5-10 minutes. 

More experienced methods may include a quick head dunk into the water and keeping hands in the water for full recovery benefits. We also recommend using a colder temperature for a shorter amount of time.

Questions? Our team is here for you!