Best Wellness Centers in New Jersey

C&A Wellness Center - New Jersey Holistic Health Weight Loss Center

416 Washington St. Perth Amboy, NJ 08861


For more than 18 years offering reliable and comfortable wellness solutions. We helped thousands of happy customers to enhance their health and well-being. Our licensed, experienced, and certified therapists who are always ready to perform different procedures to help you eliminate toxins in your body.

You will be welcomed with friendly and experienced therapists when you visit the wellness center. They will help you throughout the process by creating a special plan customized based on your goals and health assessment.


Chambers Center for Well-Being

435 South Street, Suite 160 Morristown, NJ 079601


Chambers Center for Well-Being is an integral part of the system’s mission to build healthier communities. We believe in a focus on overall well-being and integrated care, along with support for healthier lifestyles, as the core foundation for health and living well.

When health care meets self-care, you feel and look better while improving your overall well-being. Start your journey with us. Feel inspired and supported to make the right well-being choices with guidance from our professional team. We perform high quality, safe services in our beautiful, inclusive and supportive environment.


Halo Wellness Center

968 New Jersey Highway 73, Evesham, New Jersey 08053


We offer holistic based services designed to help your body heal naturally.

We focus on each clients specific needs and recommend treatments based on those individual needs.


4 Elements Wellness Center

301 North Harrison Street, Suite 36 Princeton, NJ 08540


4 Elements Wellness Center was founded by Silvia Fedorcikova in 2017. She believes that everyone should be able to relax, renew and immerse themselves in an elemental experience that restores them.

The lotus blossom represents rebirth and renewal. We use this as our brand’s logo to reflect the impact each one of our services offers you the opportunity to renew yourself and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience. Each petal represents one of the four elements–represented by our services.

To be the premier bespoke supplier of innovative, natural wellness services in the Central Jersey area. As a strong believer in the power of holistic medicine, the creator/owner has taken the core of ancient treatments and married that with the latest in innovative technologies.

The practices and techniques at 4 Elements have been used for hundreds of years in Europe and shown significant success. Services like those at 4 Elements are offered at medical offices, spas and wellness centers all over the world.


Innovative Wellness Center

15 East Railroad Ave.Jamesburg, NJ-New Jersey 08831


The Innovative Wellness Center offers a complete scope of holistic health and wellness services, including Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, Nutrition Counseling with Registered Dietitians, Massage, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Reiki, Yoga, Fitness and Physical Therapy. We provide exceptional care focusing on your overall health, not just your symptoms. We offer treatments for the entire family--from young children in their developmental years to the special health considerations of seniors.

Our team of health experts focus on the innate healing power that we all posses. Our goal is to restore & gain health naturally while increasing the bodies healing ability. We integrate multiple specialties to improve results. We incorporate state of the art equipment and modalities to aid in your wellness experience.

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What is cold therapy?

Cold therapy is a form of cold stress that will activate the body’s internal healing mechanisms. There are many forms of cold therapy tubs and chambers that will give you all of the benefits of cold therapy. These methods may include using a chiller combined with cold plunge, or adding ice to a cold tub or ice barrel. Most commonly cold therapy is used for athletic recovery or mental clarity.

What are the benifits of a cold plunge?

Some of the benefits of using a cold plunge may include pain relief, recovery, mental focus, body health, lowering inflammation in the body, and better sleep.

What is the difference between and Ice Bath and a Cold Plunge?

The difference between an ice bath and a cold plunge is that you typically don’t have to add ice to a cold plunge with a chiller unit. With an ice bath you will simply add the ice, and drain the tub when finished. With a cold plunge the chiller will circulate and filter the water so there will be less frequent draining and filling the tub.

What is the optimum temperature for an ice bath?

The optimum temperature really depends on the individual and the goals they may have. The standard temperature is 50-59 degrees F for at least 5-10 minutes. Although, high performance athletes may use colder temperatures between 42-50 degrees F with a duration of 3-6 minutes.

Are ice baths healthy?

Yes, as a general statement ice baths are healthy for you if they are used correctly. Before using any of our ice baths or cold plunges please read the manufacturer's suggestions on temperatures and time in the water. If you have more specific questions on the health benefits don’t hesitate to fill out the contact us form below.

Is an ice bath better than a cold shower?

Although there is value to taking a cold shower every now and then. Ice baths and cold plunges will have an immediate effect on your entire body. The only way to truly reach consistent application of the cold is to fully submerge the body for a set duration of time.

How long should you soak in an ice bath or cold plunge?

The standard temperature is 50-59 degrees F for at least 5-10 minutes. Although, high performance athletes may use colder temperatures between 42-50 degrees F with a duration of 3-6 minutes. 

How do you take an ice bath?

For beginners the best way is to submerge your body into the water while keeping your hands and head above the water. Focus on your breathing and remain calm as the first few minutes are always the hardest. Typically the bath would last about 5-10 minutes. 

More experienced methods may include a quick head dunk into the water and keeping hands in the water for full recovery benefits. We also recommend using a colder temperature for a shorter amount of time.

Questions? Our team is here for you!