Collection: Just Add Ice

Not looking to hook up the electrical for your cold plunge? No problem! The just add ice baths are alive and well. On this page you will find everything from wooden ice baths to premium barrels. We are proud to source all of our products from right here in the U.S.A and have a team ready if you have any questions.

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Premium Ice-Cooled Cold Plunge Barrels

Look no further than our curated selection of high-quality cold plunge barrels, the ultimate choice for enthusiasts of cold water immersion without the need for electricity. Our barrels are crafted for simplicity, durability, and the purest form of cold therapy. Whether you're a seasoned cold plunger or just beginning your journey into the revitalizing world of ice baths, our barrels offer the perfect blend of traditional cold plunge experiences with a modern twist.

Why Choose Ice-Cooled Cold Plunge Barrels?

Embrace the Tradition

Our cold plunge barrels celebrate the traditional method of cold water therapy. By adding ice, you control the temperature, allowing for a customized and authentic cold plunge experience. It's not just a plunge; it's a ritual that reconnects you with the timeless practice of natural wellness.

Unmatched Simplicity

Without the need for electrical chillers, our barrels offer unparalleled ease of use. Set up is straightforward, and maintenance is minimal, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor setups. It's the epitome of simplicity, letting you focus on the experience rather than the setup.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

By choosing an ice-cooled barrel, you're opting for an eco-friendly alternative to electrically cooled tubs. There's no energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint while still enjoying the benefits of cold water therapy.

Customizable Cooling

With the ability to add as much or as little ice as you prefer, you have full control over your plunge temperature. This flexibility allows you to gradually adapt to colder temperatures or challenge yourself with more intense cold exposure, depending on your personal goals and comfort level.

Features of Our Cold Plunge Barrels

  • Durability: Constructed from high-quality materials, our barrels are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your investment lasts for years to come.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With a rustic yet elegant design, our cold plunge barrels not only serve as a wellness tool but also as a striking addition to your home or garden.
  • Health Benefits: Regular use of our cold plunge barrels can help reduce muscle inflammation, enhance recovery, boost the immune system, and improve mental clarity.
  • Community: By choosing one of our barrels, you join a community of wellness enthusiasts who value the power of nature and the strength of tradition in their health routines.

Take The Plunge:

Dive into the refreshing embrace of cold water therapy with our premium ice-cooled cold plunge barrels. Explore our collection today and take the first step towards a rejuvenated body, mind, and spirit. Join the tradition, embrace the simplicity, and experience the transformation.

At The Cold Plunge Store, we're dedicated to offering products that enhance your wellness journey. Our cold plunge barrels are more than just a purchase; they're an investment in your health, well-being, and the planet. Discover the power of cold water therapy.